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Established in 1986 in the capital city of UAE – Abu Dhabi, Paul Jourdan Fashion L.L.C. has been specializing in importing and retailing of Men’s fashion clothing garments, leather products, and accessories for the past three decades. By offering the finest in quality and workmanship, the premium brand has been exclusively selling men’s fashion garments, leather products, and accessories created and produced by the best craftsmen mainly imported from Italy.

  • One of its most exciting concepts is the brand – designer-quality, collections, offering men everything from classics to high-end designs.
  • Paul Jourdan is able to offer customers exceptional value in addition to outstanding design and quality.
  • Assuring 100% customer satisfaction.

The Paul Jourdan group is a leading lifestyle company that owns and operates six branches located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dubai. The group has grown a considerable chain of stores representing international fashion concept that offers customer satisfaction. It’s Main Office at Office 02, Block C, Liwa Centre, Shk Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, is strategically located in the center of the UAE business area. The Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Hossein Ahrari, leads over 40 personnel. Its structure has an Administration and Marketing group.

Signature Fashion

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Paul Jourdan is the modern man’s gateway to all things fashionable. Pairing sophistication with style, Paul Jourdan promises the latest in men’s fashion. Transform your personality, stand out from the crowd, wow people with your sense of style and set trends to a new level. Paul Jourdan is for all men who love fashion crafted to perfection.

Paul Jourdan’s fashion defines sophistication and is suitable for every refined taste. Offering complete customer satisfaction with a wide selection of Men’s Fashion, shoes, accessories and more, Paul Jourdan fashion helps you make the perfect style statement.